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Here are 8 descriptions of Luke Treadaway’s performance of Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

Read them all carefully then grade them by dragging the best three into any of the top three boxes, the two you think are mediocre descriptions into the middle two boxes, and the three you think are the weakest descriptions into any of the bottom three boxes.

  1. aAn engrossing performance ... drawing the audience into his singular world view
  2. bHe’s a really good actor
  3. cA mind-blowing, stupendous portrayal of Christopher
  4. dI thought his performance was excellent
  5. eAstonishing ... he is strange, funny, brave and sympathetic
  6. fThe stand-out star ... most definitely an actor to watch
  7. gA remarkable physical performance ... edgy, raw and capturing all the hero’s zeal
  8. hLuke Treadaway moved around a lot and is a talented actor


We agree with all your grades.

Well done

You've graded most of them well.

Not bad

You've graded at least half of them well.

Oh dear!

We don’t agree with most of your grades.

The weakest ones are b, d and h. The strongest ones are a, e and g as they are the most specific and detailed.